LED Lights: the Smarter Choice for Successful Growing 

A large part of what makes living in the 21st century so great is the countless advances we have made in technology. From the smart phone to smarter cars humans have taken products to a whole new level. One outcome in particular is the LED light bulb; improvements in this bulb have been made not only from an ecological standpoint, but from a practical point of view as well. Plant growers have been successfully reaping the benefits more and more each year by using this bulb as a grow light. Technology has tightened on this humble little bulb and it is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

LED stands for “light emitting dioide.” In short this particular bulb radiates a very bright spectrum of colors while producing a minimal amount of electricity. This energy saving characteristic is definitely a plus in today’s society where we are using more electricity than ever. Though a bit more expensive upfront the LED lasts substantially longer than other bulbs. In theory this will be saving you a lot more money in the long run, and it will keep you from having to run back and forth to the store to replace burnt out bulbs. It is a win win for your wallet and for mother nature. As with other high priced products supply and demand dictates the price. So perhaps in the near future when this type of lighting becomes more popular with the mainstream and gains a good reputation we will see a significant price drop.

Besides being a power efficient bulb with a long lifespan the LED bulb has a few other terrific characteristics for growers, especially those growing indoors. The last thing you want is to expose your crops to high temperatures. Regular bulbs can emit a pretty strong heat on delicate flora. While LED lighting systems are still warm, they in no way compare to the harsh heat other lighting systems produce. Think of it this way, you can touch an LED bulb and feel just a hint of warmth, if you tried that with any other bulb you would certainly blister your skin. Another terrific plus for this ingenious lighting source is its size. The LED grow light lamps on the market today are such a favorable size, they are a joy to work with. Gone are the days where you dread having to move your lamps around your space because of bulkiness or weight. They are easy to move, easy to place and only mildly warm to the touch.

a pair of led grow lights

We are living in a world where consumers are constantly told by advertisers that products must be bigger to be better. It is hard to trust the countless number of products that are available to us. However the LED grow light is one invention that truly stands by its claims. Its benefits are clear, for the earth and for the user. Growers must share their knowledge with others to ensure that this technology becomes a way of the future.